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weight loss exercise programs Everybody wants to lose weight, especially after the holidays.  With winter settling in, the cold more often inspires a sedentary approach to an active one.  This does not leave you without options.  There are any number of weight loss exercise programs you can work with.

I have a few suggestions for weight loss exercise programs you can try out.  Not only do these assist in the weight loss process, they are also good for depression and keeping the body young and fit!

Weight Loss Exercise Programs to explore

Here are some weight loss exercise programs for you to consider:

Weight Training

Weight training is best known for building muscle and getting your body toned.  However, weight training is also an excellent option among weight loss exercise programs.

Weight training boosts metabolism for up to 36 hours after your workout.  This means that your body will burn more fat and calories than it normally would in this period.

Consistent weight training leads to leaner body mass, which in turn leads to more long-term increased boosts to your metabolism.  Now your body begins to burn fat and calories more efficiently more regularly.

Further, reshaping the body through weight training allows you to focus on problem areas you most want to attend to.  Legs, chest, stomach or arms – weight training allows you to develop a new, desirable shape.  Overall, weight training is one of the great weight loss exercise programs.

Cardio Workouts

There are so very many weight loss exercise programs involving cardio workouts to choose from.  Running, swimming, rowing, cycling and walking are among those that are the most common.  All of these get the blood flowing, as well as increase air circulation and your oxygen intake.  The more aerobic the exercise, the higher the fat burn.

Cardio workouts strengthen the heart, reduce tension and stress, and overall make us feel good.  The higher the intensity of your aerobic workout, the higher the fat burn and the greater your metabolic rate.  This leads to more strength and endurance, which have been found to contribute to weight loss overall.

Both weight training and cardio workouts can be done with a lower intensity.  There are higher intensity options available too. Start with calculating your maximum heart rate (220-age) and your target heart rate should be 65% (lower intensity) to 85% (higher intensity).

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Among weight loss exercise programs, high intensity interval training has become increasingly popular.  HIIT involves a mix of both high and low intensity exercise.  For example, sixty seconds of walking and thirty seconds of sprinting over the course of twenty minutes.  During that 30 second sprint you give it absolutely everything you’ve got, then for the next 60 seconds you remain active, but with far less intensity.

The benefits of HIIT is increased metabolism, generally takes only thirty minutes, and it can be done indoors or outdoors.  As I have mentioned above, increased metabolism is a key to weight loss.

High Intensity Interval Training is not for everyone.  I highly recommend you consult with me if you are considering HIIT and to start slow with shorter sprints (5-10 seconds) and longer recovery times (until your heart rate is 65% of maximum and panting stops). Build up gradually.


A CrossFit workout is a mix of aerobic exercise, weight lifting and gymnastic body weight exercises.  It is a high intensity, constantly varied program.  A typical CrossFit program includes a combination of movements such as sprinting, climbing rope, weightlifting, using kettle bells, box jumps and many other options for intense, all-out exertion over the course of an hour.

CrossFit workouts involve a lot of very hard, very intense work.  Be sure to start at your own pace and work your way up. I highly recommend getting physician clearance before starting this or any other intense training.

Picking the right weight loss exercise programs for you

There is no One True Way to exercise for weight loss.  All of these choices have their plusses and minuses.  Further, combinations of these programs (such as weight training and cardio workouts) may offer you the best results.

Before choosing your weight loss exercise programs, consider contacting me for a consultation to help you put together the best, most effective plan so you can live younger!

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Try An Approach Designed With CARE

Optimize Your Weight, Energy, Mood, Sleep, Mental Clarity and Overall, Health

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