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executive health and fitnessTrends in Executive Health Services. It behooves any executive or person who has people depending on them to take good care of themselves so they can lead, motivate, inspire and run their company, organization and/or family. Accountable Care Organizations, high deductible plans, EPO, HMO, co pays, co insurance are all here and creating confusion in the marketplace. The bottom line is every individual is responsible for their health and will be paying more. Health insurance does not guarantee healthcare nor will it pay for day to day maintenance. Most people must rely on data and professionals to guide them in making choices that make sense for their individual needs. Here are some of the upcoming trends in executive health services that can keep you motivated, inspired and on track .

Top 3 Trends In Executive Health Services

Health and Fitness Apps

Smart phones can be equipped with Apps that do everything from coach to tracking your calories, steps, sleep and more. One of the key trends in executive health services right now is using apps to track and monitor your health. Furthermore, diet, workouts and sleep and gather pertinent data to act on as you would the key performance indicators of your business.

  • Apple iOS 8 Health – can bring the data from Up by Jawbone such as activity, diet and and sleep tracker and My Fitness Pal which tracks steps, calorie and nutrition data. It will bring in data from other health and fitness apps and put it all in one place. Monitoring your health dashboard with your key health indicators in one spot is an executive health service that will continue to evolve.
  •  Cyclemeter – unlike other apps that just track steps, cyclemeter can track your cycling, walks, runs, skiing and other activities. Currently it is only available for iPhones and does not count calories or adjust to your age, sex or weight. Runmeter Pro and Runtastic Six Pack Abs are available for Android devices. These are great tracking and motivational tools to help you meet your goals.
  •  Digital iCardio is an app that can pull together stats about your workouts. It must be paired with a heart rate monitor and is a good compliment to Cyclemeter. It will record distance, heart rate and pace.
  •  Lose It! is a tracking tool to help you lose weight by counting calories and tracking your fitness routines. It is compatible with Nike+ FuelBand, Fitbit devices, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, and Jawbone UP
  • Pear Training Intelligence will monitor your heart rate and coach and train you according to your heart rate. The voice will coach you to help you get into the zone and adjust your time and speed and will motivate you to reach your goals. The heart rate monitor is extra and it works only on an iPhone.
  •  Touchfit GSP and Strive are for the more competitive types that will adjust your workout for maximum performance.
  •  Social Accountability – many apps such as FitBit, Endomondo Sports Tracker, and Fitocracy. Therefore, allows you to connect to a community to share your progress and keep you on track with goals.

Health and Fitness Coaches

Employers and health care plans are increasingly relying on health coaches to educate, motivate and keep people on track. A key trend in executive health services is to have coaching areas of your life that can enhance or hinder performance.  There are various types of coaches, such as Lifestyle, Nutrition, Spiritual, Fitness, Executive performance. In addition, Team building and the list goes on and on. Since we are focused on health, consider your needs and choose what best meets them.

  • Health Coaches – Some focus on asking the right questions so you can find the blocks that keep you from your goals. Some will educate. Others will focus on nutrition or diet, helping you develop a meal plan. After that, target specific areas of concern such as lowering your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar or better manage ailments or chronic disease.
  •  Lifestyle coaches may help you look into all areas of your life such as family, work, spiritual, physical etc. Therefore, to determine the unfulfilled areas of your life and help you achieve balance.
  •  Fitness coaches also vary in what they do as well as their style. Some may develop a fitness program for your and find ways to motivate you to stick to it either virtually or in person. Others are personal trainers who will continually customize and progressively modify workout and provide accountability. If you travel a lot you may want a virtual program. Furthermore, workouts that are not tied to having to go to a gym versus working with a personal trainer in a gym who can monitor your form, performance and progress.

Looking, feeling and performing your best is one of the trends in executive health services that is here to stay. Get a thorough evaluation by a physician who is experienced in executive health to target your needs and provide you with a plan. Finding the right coach for your individual needs is one of the top trends in executive health services that can enhance the quality of your life, performance and health.

Personalized Medicine

Everyone is unique and therefore their healthcare should be tailored to their individual metabolism, genetics, and lifestyle. One of the best trends in executive health services to streamline treatment. For instance, risk is to have genetic SNP or single nucleotide polymorphism evaluations. These are genetic variants that are not fixed but are modified by your lifestyle and environment. What you eat, drink, think, and how much you sleep and exercise as well as your exposure to toxins can modify gene expression. Some of the common questions that can be answered with genetic SNP testing are:

  • Diet – people who followed a diet that was designed for their genes lost 2.5 times more weight than those who just followed a regular diet. They also lost more abdominal fat and lowered your blood pressure. Genetic testing is one of the trends in executive health services that can tell you if a balanced, low fat or Mediterranean diet is best for you.
  •  Aspirin – while the standard of care is to take aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attacks. This holds true for 80% of the population. However 20% of the population is at increased risk of hemorrhaging in their stomach. Furthermore, suffering from strokes from aspirin. A genetic test can answer this question.
  • MTHFR – a very common genetic variant of the 5 MTHR (methylene tetra hydro folate reductase) enzyme is associated with increased risk of:
  • –  Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and Homocysteine – homocysteine is a by product of folate metabolism modulated by the MTHFR gene. If elevated, irritates the artery walls and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. The MTHFR gene regulates homocysteine production.
  •  – Depression and SAMe – SAMe is a natural antidepressant which is also affected if you have a variant to the MTHFR gene. People with a specific MTHFR variant 677C may have treatment resistant depression.
  •  –  Cancer and MTHFR – Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) enzyme is essential for DNA synthesis and DNA methylation. Its gene polymorphisms have been implicated as risk factors for birth defects, neurological disorders, and different types of cancers.

You are not at the fate of your genes. The MTHFR genetic variant can be modified by giving activated folate. Moreover, 5 methyltetrahydrofolate (5MTHF) as a supplement or methyl donors such as SAMe or Trimethylglycine.

These are a few of the many genes that can be identified and modified with diet, lifestyle or supplement. Knowledge is power.

One of the latest trends in executive health services is to have an executive health evaluation from a functional, anti aging medicine physician. Therefore, who can guide you to the right tests, coaches and apps that will personalize your health care to your unique needs. They fill in the gaps of what other exams leave out. After that, give you a functional analysis of how you are performing in comparison to others your age. A Vibrance for Life® Executive Health Exam can give you a unique perspective on your key health performance indicators to allow you to function at your peak.

Try An Approach Designed With CARE

Optimize Your Weight, Energy, Mood, Sleep, Mental Clarity and Overall, Health

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